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Drive a fully-loaded, power-packing lifted STAR EV for all your recreating needs. Take it off-road, up a mountain, or through the woods. Our Sport models can tackle any terrain. Get the best of both worths with the STAR lifted series: from the streets to off-road with ease.

• Eight 6V (48V) batteries
• 4 passengers
• 5.5 hp Advanced DC motor
• 400 A Curtis programmable controller with regenerative braking
• 12” machined black wheels
• Deluxe fender flares and brush guard
• Clay basket
• Retractable seat belts
• Horn, reverse beep, parking brake
• Drum brakes
• 20 A, 48 V to 12 V voltage reducer for all accessories
• Easy access program/trouble-shooting port under dash
• 17 mph top speed (20-25 mph with LSV option)
• Tan seats, aluminum foldable rear seat
• Automatic battery charger included
• Dimensions: 116”L x 52”W x 83”H