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The Star Magellan features leading edge technology including a powerful AC motor, aluminum chassis and roof supports with top-of-the-line styling.
You’ll love the walk-away braking system and the comfortable ride featuring front independent suspension. Get up to 60 miles range on a single charge! No other vehicle offers all these great features in one car.

• Eight 6 V (48 V) batteries
• 2 passengers
• 6 hp AC motor
• 275 Amp AC Curtis Controller
• 10” aluminum wheels with 205/50/10 CST tires
• Retractable 2-point seat belts
• Speedometer, odometer, and battery indicator
• Rear lockable trunk
• Horn, reverse beep, parking brake
• 12 V voltage reducer for all accessories
• Foldable tinted windshield
• LED turn signal mirrors
• Easy access program/trouble-shooting port under dash
• Color-matched roof
• A-arm style front independent suspension
• Rear LED taillights
• US-made DPI automatic charger
• 19.5 mph top speed (20-25 mph with LSV option)
• Dimensions: 94”L x 46”W x 74”H